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Key Stats On The Best Hungry Shark World Sharks!

Introduction to Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World is filled with innumerable sharks, which are of varied shapes and sizes. Mentioned below is a brief introduction on some of the best sharks that you can unlock in the game.

So, before you start playing the game, read these key features of the various sharks:

  • Blacktip Reef SharkBlacktip Reef Shark: This is the starter shark of the game and is similar to the Reef Shark in the Hungry Shark Evolution game. The Blacktip Reef Shark is XS-sized and is the only one available in the game for free of cost. It is unlocked as soon as you enter the game for the first time. It is the smallest and weakest shark in the game; however, it can be improved with upgrades. It can eat smaller and less dangerous preys.
  • Whitetip Reef Shark: It is an S-sized Shark that comes after the Blacktip Shark. It is slightly bigger and differently colored. It is the second smallest shark in the group and the cost of this Shark is 3,000 Coins. It can eat enemy Whitetip Reef Shark, red and purple crabs, enemy Blue Shark, etc.
  • Porbeagle: This shark is similar to the Great White. It is an S-sized Shark, which comes after the Whitetip Reef Shark and has an attitude change. The cost of this Shark is 3,500 Coins and it can eat red and purple crabs, enemy porbeagle, enemy blue shark, etc.
  • Blue Shark: It is an S-sized Shark, which is thin but very quick. It costs 4000 Coins and is the fastest Shark in the ‘S’ class. However, its health stats and bite is the lowest in the ‘S’ group of Sharks. As it moves quickly, it can easily escape predators and catch preys. It can eat red and blue crabs, evil blue shark, etc.
  • Spike: Stethacanthus or Spike Shark is a special one that is available in the ‘small’ rank. It is purple in color and has the capability to stun everyone around it by using it spikes.
  • Thresher sharkThresher Shark: It is an M-sized Shark, which moves quickly. It has a long tail and large white eyes. It moves very fast and due to its sleek body, it can avoid getting in contact with jelly fishes. It has the capability to break rocks and can eat large turtles, purple crabs, dolphins, etc. The cost of the Thresher Shark is 14,000 Coins.
  • Sand Shark: It is an oddly shaped and cheapest M-sized Shark. It is available only for 12,000 Coins. It is an extremely strong Shark and has a vicious bite. It can eat large turtles, dolphins, all kind of crabs, angler fishes, etc.
  • Smooth Hammerhead: It is an M-sized classic Shark that has a smooth hammerhead. It is purple in color and lacks accurately sized fins. It has the second best bite in the group and to purchase this Shark, you will require 16,000 Coins.
  • Goblin Shark: It is the second largest shark that has excellent health and stamina. It is an L-sized shark that costs a whooping 32,000 Coins. It can eat enemy large sharks, lionfish, killer whales, etc. It is an unusual shark that has very high durability.
  • Bull Shark: It is the first largest shark of the game. It has an extremely powerful bit and can even break metals. However, it is pretty small in size and is about 12 feet. This L-sized Shark costs 27,000 Coins.  It can eat the lionfish, enemy large sharks, killer whales, etc.
  • Mako SharkMako Shark: It is an L-sized Shark that can be purchased for 37,500 Coins. Even it sounds a lot, you can easily generate Coins with our Hungry Shark World Hack. It has a powerful bite and can break metals. It can eat enemy large sharks, lionfish, etc.

Other than these, there are several other sharks that you can unlock in Hungry Shark World. So, keep acquiring them and enjoy the game! If you find it difficult to unlock all of them or it takes too much time from you, don’t hesitate to try our Hungry Shark World Hack which is very easy and safe to use.

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