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Hungry Shark World Hack and Game Review: A Game To Feed The Sharks!


Hungry Shark World is an adventurous online game in which you need to grow and nurture your sharks and make them a killing machine. You would have never seen such sharks before! They have seven different strengths, skills, and sizes. Moreover, each tier of shark has its own special abilities.

To survive in the Shark World, you will require Gems and Gold; the in-game currencies. Earning them in the game is not easy. So, most of the players spend real-world money for buying the currencies from the game store or using our Hungry Shark World Hack. However, if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on online games, then keep reading our guide. With the help of our guide, you will be able to acquire lots of Gems and Gold in the game.

Hungry Shark World Gems And Gold Guide!

  • You will require in-game currencies to upgrade your sharks and increase their speed, boost, and bite stats.
  • Gold and Gems can be used for buying various items from the game store. Gold is a primary currency and Gems are the special currency of the game which is achievable with Hungry Shark World Cheats.
  • Gold is used for buying all non-premium items and the easiest way to earn them is by eating various creatures in a Gold Rush. If you are about to hit a Gold Rush and are in a desolated area then swim to a densely populated area so that you can earn lots of in-game currencies.
  • Keep an eye on the Gold Rush bar. As soon as it fills up to the top, the Gold Rush mode will begin and it will make you invincible. In this mode, everything that you eat turns into Gold and lets you earn lots of currencies. Moreover, in this situation, you will have infinite boost so make good use of it.
  • As the Gold Rush bar ends, there will be another bar appearing for few seconds. This is the Mega Gold Rush bar. When you activate the Gold Rush bar, the Mega Gold Rush bar is filled a bit. As soon as the bar is full, the game will activate the Full Mega Gold Rush. The benefits obtained at this time are that your fish will turn red in color and for that particular duration you can eat anything, irrespective of its size.
  • Look out for the Golden fish as it can give you Gold. Similarly, the Purple fish can give you Gems. Catching the Purple fish is not easy at all because it runs quickly, so only when you have full boosts then start looking for it.
  • If you come across Gold people walking around, then eat them up for earning bonuses. Most of the Gold people are walking around the beaches so look out for them over there.
  • Watch the game trailers available in the ‘free stuff’ section from the currency store. These will help you to earn Gold and Gems. Some videos will let you earn 100 Gold while others will make you earn 2 Gems. Moreover, you can watch as many trailers as the game serves up. So, keep watching and keep earning!
  • You will come across three missions at a time. Once you complete all of them, you can earn Gold. Completing the missions is easy and if you know your objectives in the game then you will be able to complete them faster.
  • Keep searching for daily chests as they contain goodies like Gold and Gems. There are five every day chests that are available per level and every day. So, complete the numerous quests and unlock daily chests to earn Gold. For instance, in the Pacific Islands Level, you can earn 500 Gold by opening the first chest and 2100 Gold coins by opening the final chest. So, be patient and keep looking for chests.
  • There is Survival Bonus feature available in the game. So, try to increase your survival time for as long as you can. This will increase the amount of Gold that you receive from the ‘Survival Bonus’ in the end of the level.
  • Look out for floating objects such as green jars in the water, as they can give you in-game currencies.
  • By eating numerous golden creatures, you can procure Gold.
  • Gems are usually used for purchasing premium items such as upgraded maps. These upgraded maps are available for 100 Gems. As you won’t be able to see the location of daily chest on the initial maps, so upgrading them is very important.
  • The easiest way to earn Gems is by spending your hard-earned real money. Some players even make use of Hungry Shark World hacks and Hungry Shark World Cheats for procuring Gems.
  • Another way to earn Gems is through gemfish, which provides a guaranteed reward of one gem upon being eaten. As it has 100% chances of yielding a Gem, most of the players keep looking for it in the game. Moreover, you can eat more than one Gemfish in the same game, so keep eating and keep earning. The areas where you will be able to locate Gemfish are the Crab Lair and hilly areas with Toxic Barrels.
  • Similar to Gemfish, Gem Birds are also Gem yielding items. As the Gem Birds are flying in the air, it is much easier to kill them and earn Gems. With each kill, you can earn one Gem. They look like seagulls or doves. As they fly at a very fast speed, sharks that have jetpacks can only catch hold of them and eat them. Gem Birds can be found anywhere so keep looking for them and continue earning Gems.


Interesting, isn’t it? Both Gold and Gems can be earned during the gaming session; however, earning Gems are a bit harder than earning Gold. However, if you play patiently, then you will be able to earn loads and loads of in-game currencies. So, without wasting any time, start using our Hungry Shark World Hack right away and acquire loads of in-game currencies.

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